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Pre Bootcamp

Currently you are doing Pre-bootcamp which is mandatory to complete before entering into main part of the bootcamp.
Pre-bootcamp is for 7 days and then the main bootcamp starts
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Most Comprehensive Facebook Pixel Course

In this Facebook Pixel Mastery course, you will learn everything you need to scale your Facebook ads campaign. Facebook gives a lot of default targeting options i.e. demographics, interests, and behaviors but they, click blow to read more.


Google Ads For Marketers

Become Google Ads Expert by learning to use complex features i.e.Scripts, IF functions, Ad Customizers, Dynamic Remarketing, Value Ladders, Attributions, Multi-Channel Funnels, cross account conversion tracking, click blow to read more.


Google Analytics 3

Google Analytics can do wonders for your business in more advanced ways.
It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.
Learn the inner structure of your website to see, click blow to read more.


Email Marketing And CRO

CRO marketing allows you to leverage the assets you currently have on your site to drive more conversions, and when combined with traffic-generating marketing strategies, you'll be impressed at, click blow to read more.


Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager is a one-stop shop where you can manage all of your marketing and advertising activity on Facebook. Built for companies of all sizes, it enables you to manage several assets, including Facebook Pages, click blow to read more


Google Tag Manager

It might be difficult to manage several metrics and marketing tags for your website. Data measurement might be distorted by redundant or inaccurate tags, which will also lower site performance. Learn how Google Tag Manager can make it easier, click blow to read more


Regex Mastery Course For Marketers

Regular Expressions, often known as Regex or Regexp, are strings of characters constructed in accordance with the syntax guidelines for Regular Expressions. You can easily manage your data with Regex, which uses commands like finding, matching, and editing. click blow to read more

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Crisp and clear. All thanks to Prashant, the chief trainer, to make the whole training session interactive and engaging experience. Practical orientation and updated information are the plus points at Adonai. You get to know the real-time examples.
Nomad / Student, Hyderabad
Our tutor Mr.Prashanth is a good teacher, he gives perfect explanations with real time examples. As he is himself an advertiser, he has all the updated knowledge, he is able to keep us up with what’s new in the digital marketing world, giving us an advantage
Gaurav Vora / Student
Prashanth's real time experience with major Corporates makes his teaching standard unique . He has solid expertise in Digital Marketing. He is extremely sharp in all domains of Digital Marketing that he teaches. He always keeps himself updated with latest updates in technology, very helpful and very thorough Digital Marketing Expert. Based on his expertise in Digital Marketing, i would highly recommend serious aspirants looking for Digital Marketing training course.
Kiran Mishra / Student.
actress, model, girl-1736967.jpg
Digital Marketing is not only about running advertising campaigns, there is lot more to learn and implement. Thanks to Prashanth for helping me to get passive income from Blogging & Freelancing which has proven amazing to me!!!
Shreya Jain / Student, Hyderabad
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